In Vitro

NRL provides the capability of in vitro testing in a wide array of biological contexts.

TOxicology cell based assays

  • Maximum Tolerated Dose (MTD) Anti-Proliferation Assays

  • Acute Single Dose Toxicity Studies Cell Adhesion Assays

  • Repeated Dose Toxicity Studies Biomarkers Assays

  • Sub-Chronic Toxicity Studies Cytokine Release Assays

  • Chronic Toxicity Studies Chemokine Assays

  • Toxico-Kinetic Studies Cytokine Profiling Assays

  • Genotoxicity Studies Chemokine Assays

  • Cell Based Toxicity Assays Cell Viability Assays

  • Dose Response Toxicity Assays IC-50 Assays

  • Liver Hepatocytes Toxicity Assays Liver Cell Toxicity Assays

  • Tissue Specific Toxicity Assays Drug Permeability Assays

  • Cytotoxicity Studies Cytochrome P-450 Inhibition Assays

  • Ex-Vivo Toxicity Assay General Cytotoxicity Assays

  • Mouse Micronucleus Tests