Animal studies

NRL is a leader in conducting in vivo models for several pharmacokinetic measurements and disease modeling.


• PK studies in Rats and Mice Experience with >100 Animal Models

• Multiple Routes of Administration Oral,IP,IM,SC,IV,TD + Other routes

• PK Comparison with Different Routes Metabolic Diseases

• Absolute and Relative Bioavailability Cancer

• PK with Alternative Formulations Inflammation Disorders

• PK Studies in Normal/ Disease animals Neurological Diseases

Health Condition Models

▪ Rodent models for Type II Diabetes

▪ Rodent models for Type I Diabetes

▪ Animal models for RA

▪ Animal model for Osteoarthritis

▪ Animal models for Hyperlipidemia

▪ Animal models for Schizophrenia

▪ Animal models for Obesity

▪ Models for Parkinson’s Disease

▪ Animal Models for Psoriasis

▪ Animal models for IBD

▪ Models for Multiple sclerosis

▪ Animal models for Cancer

▪ Models for Cardiovascular Diseases

▪ Models for Alzheimer’s Diseases