About Us

NRL (Nag Research Laboratories) is a California based innovative IP driven company focusing on new drug discovery, novel biotechnology products. The company also offers pre-clinical research services and a unique line of herbal and nutraceuticals.  NRL’s corporate offices are located in Fremont, CA, USA with subsidiary branches in Bangalore, India.  NRL’s team consists of highly specialized scientists with over 30 years of experience in biotechnology product development and drug discovery research activities.


NRL-Biotechnology strives to develop unique kits and reagents for research purposes in the field of Electrophoresis, Electroblotting, Protein Biochemistry, Protein Purification and Protein Characterization.  We also plan to introduce a number of products for Molecular Biology, Immunology and Drug Discovery related research activities.  NRL-Biotechnology kits simplify research with high reproducible quality results. NRL-Biotechnology manufactures all of its products in USA and delivers products on time.


Genvivo specializes in pre-clinical assessments and evaluation of novel compounds or protein based biologics as therapeutic agents for the treatment of diabetes, inflammation, cancer, neurological and metabolic diseases. The company’s senior leadership has over 30 years of drug discovery experience in small molecules and  recombinant protein biologics utilizing conventional, gene knock-out, orthotopic, xenograft and transgenic animal models.  Genvivo offers over 100 animal models along with complimentary services such as cell based preclinical efficacy testing, pharmacokinetics studies, pharmacodynamics, and pre-GLP toxicology testing in vitro and in vivo.


Herbalyn has developed a unique line of proprietary formulations for the management of everyday life, chronic diseases, cosmetics and sports.  Herbalyn has discovered and pioneered a formulation method that can boost the efficacy of a known extract by several fold. We have products in 3 different categories: Products made with all natural herbs and minerals (AN), products combined with synthetic and herbal (SS) , and products that are completely synthetic in nature (CS).



NRL-Cosmetics develops state-of-the-art innovative skin care products for all age categories.  These products are developed, tested and manufactured in California under GMP guidelines.  The new class of age-defying products contains proprietary blends of bio-peptides, collagen and scientifically validated botanical extracts.  All kits formulated under this category are free of parabens and sulfates.  NRL’s cosmetic kits and their components are available for distributors and individuals.


RENOVEL Discoveries is an integrated drug discovery company focused on the discovery and development of natural product based human therapeutics to fill unmet medical needs. Renovel’s mission is to utilize it’s innovative Natural Product Creative Compound (NPCC) technology to rapidly identify single molecular entities isolated from Indian medicinal plants into safe and effective medicines. Renovel has a pipeline of patented small molecules as pre-clinical drug candidates for the treatment of a wide range of human diseases including metabolic diseases (Diabetes, Obesity, Hyperlipidemia), inflammatory diseases (Rheumatoid Arthritis, IBD, Psoriasis), central nervous system disorders (Multiple Sclerosis and  Alzheimer) and Cancer (breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer).



NRL supports and encourages youth to spend time on outdoor activities for the prevention of metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes in future generations. Through the sponsorship of NRL Team, youth are given both the opportunity and environment in order to explore the open world and its treasures.

GO Get Outdoors is an organization dedicated to bringing communities and its people engaged in outdoor activities. We strive to encourage enjoyable exercise for the prevention of metabolic diseases, promote environmental stewardship, and build leadership within communities. The GO club enables outdoor exploration by educating about the environment as well as providing “easy access” and opportunities for people to spend time in the outdoor world.